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Safety Seat Saturday

Parents across Texoma should mark their calendars for September 21st- Safety Seat Saturday. We will provide FREE car seat checks and installations from 9:30 to 11:30 at the Community Healthcare Center.

Members of our Trauma Department will coordinate the “drive-through” child passenger seat checks. They will determine if the car seats meet safety requirements, and replace those that do not. Approximately 200 car seats are checked annually.  21 were replaced and only 2 seats checked required no correction in 2018.

Safety Seat Saturday is an annual event sponsored in partnership with TXDOT, United Regional Trauma Outreach and Children’s Miracle Network at United Regional for certified car safety technicians to check care seats for proper installation and issue new car seats if needed.



An SUV with five children and one adult drove into the parking for Safety Seat Saturday, held September 29th,at Community Healthcare Center.   Every child was riding unsafely in the vehicle. The seats were expired and one seat was not buckled in. The technician went above and beyond on this Saturday morning by first showing compassion and patience to the children’s caretaker and explaining the importance of safe car seats. Then through a series of tugging, pushing and dragging, the tech removed the old seats. It took her an extensive amount of time to install the five new seats.

After more than an hour of what looked like the tech doing gymnastics in the car, she emerged with a smile on her face saying, “they’re all in!”