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A Hug for Every Child

Patient safety is paramount at United Regional. Because of generous partners and donors, Children’s Miracle Network purchased a new protection system for the Women’s and Children’s unit. This $250,000 upgrade has swaddled the unit in protection and peace of mind.

The previous system was dated and caused false alarms. Now with Hugs®, caregivers are empowered with real-time insights. Staff can be alerted in many situations, such as:

  • Tampering with the Hugs® tag
  • Low battery power in the tag
  • Someone tries to exit through a protected doorway with a monitored infant without authorization
  • A skin-sensing feature that uses a proximity sensor helps ensure the tag is always securely applied and protecting baby

“The administration and staff at United Regional Health Care System is and always has been committed to the safety and well-being of parents and their newborns. It is an unfortunate fact, but there are people who want a baby so badly that they will do anything to get one, including taking someone else’s. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

hugsBecause of this fact, United Regional Health Care System has increased security to protect the newborns and pediatric patients entrusted to our care. Staff in the maternal childcare areas has been trained to spot potential abductors. In addition, the Hugs® infant security system has been installed to stop an abductor. The system consists of door locks, cameras, and an electronic infant protection system. Every newborn and child is protected with the most advanced system available today. “said Bernadine Crosson, Director of Women’s Services.

Thank you, community partners, for providing comforting ‘hugs’ to pediatric patients at United Regional!